My entire life makes sense

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Y’all my WHOLE life makes sense now. I’ve read the love languages book for marriage (it’s been awhile!) and I knew my love language was words of affirmation, but looking at this with my children in mind, it all makes sense now.

This took me back, and totally explains why I was always teacher’s pet and a “goodie, goodie”. Duh! I like to hear appreciation for my hard work and kindness. So, now y’all ask me how well my love language is going for me with whiny toddlers with the “gimmies”! That’s why I’ve felt “lost” at times. Motherhood is often thankless. (more on that later!) But my love tank is full in other areas. Like physical touch, yeah that one is overflowing with three kids on top of me all day!

What’s your love language? What’s your child’s love language? And your spouse?

P.s. Corbin’s is quality time, Lynley’s is words of affirmation. My husband Derrick is physical touch << not the way you think!