Keeping Little Girls Little!

Keeping girls little, Steffany Duke, Matilda Jane

I looked at my three-year old daughter the other day, and couldn’t turn my eyes away. My tiny less than 4lb baby girl was now a toddler standing three-feet tall in front of me with the most gorgeous strawberry blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was wearing every headband, necklace, bracelet and ring she owns, princess slippers and a purse on each arm, both stuffed with trinkets She walks over to her basket of books and carefully chooses a stack to bring to her bed to read to her stuffed animals. I watch her in awe. This sweet girl who loves books and teddy bears so much is growing up right in front of me. How can I slow down time? I pray in the moment that God protects her innocence for as long as possible and keeps her little. Keeps her my little girl who loves to dress up and get lost in the adventures of her books, my little girl who wants to crawl up in my lap and play with dolls!

In this rush of life, I sometimes forget she and her twin brother are only three. They want to do everything on their own. They want to be bigger. It’s always a race to the next milestone. Am I influencing that? I hope not! Perhaps, we all need to just slow down. It’s ok to be little. I want them to be little. I want them to feel that carefree spirit of childhood for as long as possible. And I’m glad that I found a clothing company that embraces just that.

Keeping girls little, Steffany Duke, Matilda Jane

Have you heard about Matilda Jane Clothing? It’s girly, twirly and unique boutique items. MJ’s goal is to keep little girls little and wearing twirly dresses and modest clothing as babies through their tween years. And there is even a women’s collection, so we can model modesty and beauty for our girls. I’ve been a big fan for a couple of years since I first started reviewing their beautiful things on the blog. Recently, I became a trunk keeper! I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing company that gives back as much as they can.

Matilda Jane’s core is our heart. We believe that helping others is the most important way to make the world a more beautiful place. During the next two weeks, I have the pleasure of partnering with some awesome women to raise money for causes like ovarian and breast cancer awareness and a women and children’s shelter, just to name a few, for our special promotion called Janes Give Back, where Matilda Jane will donate up to 20 percent of our hostess’ show sales to any charity of her choice.

How you can help give back:
Place an order with me (steffanyduke(at)matildajaneclothing(dot)com) between now and April 30th or host an online trunk show of your own to benefit your favorite cause! It can be done completely from the comfort of your couch. There’s really nothing to lose. Why not give it a try?

I’m also looking for brand ambassadors! If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me.