Things are getting oily!

We’re diving into essential oils! So far, I am loving it. But, only because I found a brand that has taken all of the hassle out of it. I’m a mom of toddler twins and an infant, so the idea of mixing and measuring and diluting oils has never appealed to me. Oilogic has done all the work for us mamas and daddys! We received some samples of their roll-ons, bubble baths and lotion. I’ve just about used ALL of the vapor and sleep baths. It’s just that good, and smells heavenly!

Spit and Sparkles: Oilogic essential oil kits #oils #essentialoils #babycare

Let me tell you a little bit about this company before I rave about the many products. Above the fact that these products are all-natural and work, the founders are moms, just like us! It’s their goal to make motherhood a little easier. “With Oilogic, you can easily and affordably tap into the power of “nature’s medicine” and don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and other yucky stuff, allowing you to feel good, while your little one feels better. With Oilogic, you can go back to doing what you do best – loving and nurturing your sweet baby.”

My biggest desire going into my research for essential oils was to find something to help relieve cold symptoms and aid sleep. I have to admit that I have actually used Oilogic’s products on myself, as well as my three-year-old twins and baby! Here’s what we have tested so far: Stuffy Nose and Cough vapor bath and roll on and the Slumber and Sleep bundle.

This cold season has been tough on us. It seems like the little ones are staying sick. We have used the stuffy nose and cough roll-on so many times, and it truly has helped clear airways. The application is so fun and easy too. Just roll a little on the chest, back, wrists and feet. The kids think it tickles, so there is zero fuss in getting them to let me put it on. They even like to apply it to each other.

Spit and Sparkles: Oilogic essential oil kits #oils #essentialoils #babycare

We also loved the sleep and slumber set. This stuff smells so delicious, I can’t help but kiss and snuggle those babies a little extra! This set has helped calm the children so they fall asleep faster. These products are definitely going to be in my baskets of goodies to give at baby showers!

Other products include, ouchies and boo boos, bug bites and itches and itchy eyes and sneezes in roll ons. The itchy eyes and sneezes is also great for battling Cedar allergies, like we have in Texas. This year has been off the charts horrendous. Thank goodness for these wonderful, easy-to-use products. It really makes life better. You can purchase Oilogic online or at Target and BuyBuy Baby stores.

Oilogic is all about giving back! With their Nom a Mom program, you get to brag on a sweet mom, who then has the chance to win FREE products and $100. And the best part, $100 towards the charity of her choice. Simply beautiful!

**We received Oilogic products at no cost in exchange for an honest review. I only recommend products that I believe in. All opinions are 100% my own.