The results are in & we’re having a….

Spit and Sparkles gender reveal! It's a ... #pinkorblue #genderreveal

Who is now outnumbered in our house? The answer kind of surprised me! We had our anatomy scan a few weeks ago. Everything looked perfect, and we found out that we’re adding another ?? to our family. I’ll let Corbin and Lynley announce it with this cute video we got of them during the balloon reveal.

Honestly, I had no idea what gender the baby was going to be. I kind of went back and forth the whole time until a week before the scan. I had been having stronger boy feelings, but still hadn’t had that clarifying moment that most moms get. With the twins, I knew it was a boy and a girl. I dreamt it. This time, I didn’t have “the dream” until a week before the appointment. I actually dreamt twice that it was a girl. But going into the appointment, I was still wondering. I really didn’t have a preference for either boy or girl, but I am so excited to have another little diva. And if she’s anything like her big sis, she will be!

Here’s a quick bump update, since I haven’t done one thus far! I have barely even taken any bump photos. Shame on me! In my defense though, who has the energy to put on proper clothes and wash their hair while chasing two toddlers all the time? Seriously? But I did, yesterday, so enjoy the rare bump photo!

Steffany from Spit and Sparkles at 21 weeks with baby number 3! #babybump #pregnancy

How far along? 22 weeks

Weight gain/loss: About 15 lbs. And a lot of it is swelling already. Booo. I was hoping that I wouldn’t balloon as much this go around, but my legs are pretty puffy.

Feeling: Awesome!! I am actually getting rest most nights. However, a couple of days ago I had some excruciating upper back pain. It had me in tears. Looking back at my updates with the twins, looks like I had this same thing happen at exactly this many weeks. Glad to know it will go away!

Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity clothes, especially for shorts and pants. I still wear a few shirts and dresses in a size or two larger than my normal size.

Food cravings: Dr. Pepper, sadly. I got into a bad habit last year of drinking caffeine a few times a week, and it has been so hard not to drink it! I sip on it here and there. And my french fry addiction is still also a battle. And circus peanuts… I balance all those junkie snacks out by eating pretty great at mealtimes. I’ve traded my cereal for a veggie omelet a few times a week and my sandwiches are replaced with organic chicken and veggie burgers. I could eat more fish, but overall, I’m doing pretty good at staying balanced.

Movement? Lots of movement, especially way down low! Baby girl is breech. I am bummed that she seems to be staying this way just like Lynley did. Lynley basically sat on Corbin the entire time, and never flipped around. Sure, there wasn’t any room for her to turn, but I think it was her stubbornness! Fingers crossed this little one flips, not only so my bladder can get some relief, but so we can move forward with our VBAC plans.

Speaking of VBAC. Anyone done that? Please share in the comments!

And one more question… what books would you recommend for Corbin and Lynley on becoming a big brother and big sister? Thanks!