A boy and his Monkey

The story of a boy and his Monkey. #lovey #securityblanket #stuffedanimalcleaning

A boy and his PINK monkey, to be exact. My precious Corbin has always been drawn to pink, and his lovey is no exception.

Before the babies were born, we received two cuddly little security blankets from our sweet neighbor. Corbin was given a light blue horse, and Lynley was given a pink monkey. Corbin decided that he liked Lynley’s better.

The story of a boy and his Monkey. #lovey #securityblanket #stuffedanimalcleaning

Corbin carries Monkey with him everywhere, just as Lynley carries Bear. He reads books with Monkey, eats lunch with Monkey, and gives Monkey lots of hugs and kisses. I’ve searched for backups so that I can clean Monkey. He has four other security blankets- two blue monkeys, a blue horse, a teal robot, but no other will do.

Corbin must sleep with the pink monkey or he is restless and wakes up several times during the night. The only problem is, Monkey STINKS! I mean, really bad. Corbin has a habit of stuffing the blanket in his mouth and sucking on it. It is disgusting. The thing is constantly soaked with drool, and when it dries…. you don’t want to know.

The story of a boy and his Monkey. #lovey #securityblanket #stuffedanimalcleaning
The story of a boy and his Monkey. #lovey #securityblanket #stuffedanimalcleaning

I have tried washing Monkey with a regular wash load, but it does not take the smell out. I recently used vinegar and baking soda in the wash cycle, and that helped some. Perhaps, I should again and add more of the concoction? Worth a shot, but I am on a mission to find anything to get the stench out because I’m worried about his health with sucking on that germy thing, and we don’t want him growing attached to the smell. Oh, there’s also the fact that a new pink monkey costs $23.99 on Amazon. Not happening!

The story of a boy and his Monkey. #lovey #securityblanket #stuffedanimalcleaning

What are your tips for cleaning stinky loveys? Please share in the comments.
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  1. says

    I let stinky toys and blankets dry in direct sunlight outside, that seems to help. Good luck, I hope you get the smell out! It’s funny how we try to influence what their luvvie will be but the end up picking what they want!

  2. says

    Aww, how cute, not the stink, just the way he is attached to it. I remember my sister used to have a Gizmo that she did the same thing to, it had a stink too. Hope you figure out a way to get the smell out. I would think as long as it was washed it wouldn’t make him sick. Maybe?