Fun Gifts for Baby & Your Four-legged Friends {Sponsored Post}

If you’re like Derrick and me, you probably spoil the furbabies in your family. Yes, I’m talking about your dog!

Charlie Be Good products are unique, trendy and handmade gifts for pets. #pets #dogfashion

We are parents to a beautiful chocolate lab named Jeep, and he is without a doubt a valued member of the family. Lynley is just in love with him, and Corbin likes to squeeze him and check his teeth out <eek! This year for Christmas, we’ve actually spent more money on him than the babies! A new kennel to sleep in, a kennel cover, plus two new bed pads and a few toys, makes for one SPOILED dog!

And we plan on spoiling him even more with goodies from this adorable new Etsy shop called Charlie Be Good. Our pets don’t live long lives, so why not make them feel loved while they’re here. And with all of our energy focused on raising young children, twin toddlers in our case, gone are the days of ball- throwing and constant attention, so it’s the least we can do!

Charlie Be Good products are unique, trendy and handmade gifts for pets. #pets #dogfashion
Dog Bow Tie- Mini White Polka Dots on Navy, $15.00

Charlie Be Good was established by a wife-husband duo from France. Their products are unique, trendy and handmade. They sell a variety of goods from dog collars and leashes to dog beds, and even dog bowties! That is one that is definitely on my list for Jeep’s birthday. Charlie Be Good products have become so popular overseas that they’ve been published in Modern Dog Magazine and countless other publications online. You really should check them out.

If you don’t have a dog, you can still enjoy a uniquely designed, handmade item from this creative couple. They also sell home decor and kid’s items at Charlie Be Home. Their printed baby onesies and wall art feature catchy phrases that make you smile and laugh. Can you picture your little one wearing this ROAR tee? I think it’s absolutely adorable.

Even more adorable and functional are the baby/toddler sleeping bags. We’ve swaddled Corbin and Lynley since birth, and they still sleep in wearable blankets. But, we haven’t seen any quite like these. Charlie Be Home sleeping bags are cotton fleece and feature button snaps and a side zipper. I can’t tell you how easy it would be to put a cranky, squirmy baby in a blanket that just needs two snaps and done! Awesome idea!

Spit and Sparkles readers can enjoy 10 percent off with code YOUROCK at checkout. Happy Shopping!

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