Weekend in iPhone pictures

We’ve had a beautiful weekend in ATX to start off November and the holiday season. After some horrendous storms earlier in the week, the weather was perfect Saturday and today. Sunny, breezy, and the kind of weather you just want to be out in. So that’s what we did and are doing today!

Saturday, we went furniture shopping, ate ice cream, and played at home. And today, we’re visiting our new church again and taking family photos for our Christmas cards. We captured these great moments with a few iPhone photos. Enjoy!

Afternoon treat at Amy’s!

Daddy gives Corbin a taste of vanilla/oreo, but he’s not so sure!

Lynley is definitely not a fan! But they both liked Mommy’s strawberry shortcake ice cream :)

“What’s wrong with this one Daddy? It’s soft, squishy, and fun to climb on!” Too bad we were shopping for bedroom furniture instead of chairs because Lynley loved this oversized one!

 Lynley and I layed in the hammock while Corbin napped a little longer. She is beautiful, isn’t she?
 Brother bear is awake, and causing trouble! Jeep for some reason will only sniff Corbin and leave. We have to really encourage him to let Corbin pet him. :( poor Corbin! But Jeep will let Lynley crawl into his bed with him and sit on him! I wonder why…

I am loving his shaggy hair! I actually thought about cutting it after his birthday, but we decided he needed long hair to be Fred for Halloween. And now… I just can’t do it! He has the cutest “wings” in the back. My handsome baby is becoming a handsome little boy. I’m kinda sad about this, but so, so proud!

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    Ok seriously they are the cutest! Secondly it is my DREAM to have boy/girl twins! xoxo your newest follower over on bloglovin Kala @ TheWishfulLamb.com