Wordless Wednesday: Tealkle Me Pink

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Wordless Wednesday post! And since I’m still recovering from all of the traveling and planning a birthday party… you guys can all just enjoy a picture of my cuties.

In my Life Lately-Part One post, I mentioned that we participated in another 5k. This one was in Beaumont, Texas, close to where I grew up. This 5k focused on breast and ovarian cancer research, and it was so much fun! Our team name was Tealkle Me Pink. Get it? Ha :)

Tons of people dressed up in funny outfits, including all of us with our teal hats and some of us had pink mustaches! My favorite part of the entire race though was the fact that my brother was able to join us. He’s been in the army for four years and unable to make it out. But now, he’s home!! Corbin and Lynley love their Uncle Chris.

This 5k was also a color run. I didn’t participate in all of the splashing because of the babies, but my sister and mom did! They had a blast, and I’ll have pictures of them as soon as Nanner sends them. :)
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