We’ve Been Booed + Free Printable

I may be the only one who has not heard about this cute Halloween game before, but just in case… I’m sharing how you can become a “Boo Fairy” in your own neighborhood.

I heard a couple of my neighbors talking about getting “booed,” and I thought it was so cute. A few days later, we were surprised to find a bucket of Halloween goodies on our own doorstep! It’s full of fun treats and trinkets, and I can’t wait until the babies are older to help me create these gift buckets for others.

Once you’ve been booed, you are supposed to gather treats for two other neighbors and secretly deliver it. You don’t want to be caught because part of the fun is guessing who booed you! You display a sign in your front window or on your door letting everyone know that you’ve already received treats. But… we accidentally got booed twice because I wasn’t fast enough at putting the “we’ve been booed” sign on the door. That just means we get to boo four friends!

Here’s what we put in our buckets and some ideas for you to create your own. You could reuse the signs that come with your bucket or make copies, but I printed new signs and instructions for ours from Jenny Collier’s blog because I love the idea of a boo door hanger.

Our Boo Buckets included:

Juice boxes
Glow Sticks
Play creepy crawlers

Other ideas:
Halloween Socks
Halloween book
Animal Crackers
Homemade goods

We plan on using a lot of our leftover goodies from the boo buckets to pass out along with candy at Halloween. We always run out of candy, so I like the idea of adding in something else, and I know kids will love to find these surprises when they get home and empty their bags. Free printable here.

If you don’t have any children or have neighbors with children or grandchildren, but want to participate in the fun, check out this ‘You’ve Been Boo-zed’ game for adults! Click To Vote For Us @ the Top Baby Blogs Directory! The most popular baby blogs



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    What a very cool idea! I think its great. These days not a lot of us know our neighbors. I’m glad we have some good ones and my neighborhood always has the best halloween decorations. Great idea! Stopping by from the Weekend Showcase!

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      Thanks for visiting! We didn’t really start meeting our neighbors until this year after living in our neighborhood for four! Crazy the things that change when you have children. I’m thankful that we live in such a friendly and safe place. The suburbs has its advantages!