How to clean stuffed animals {product review}

Having twins means having double the stuffed animals and double the ick! Corbin and Lynley are at that age where they still put everything in their mouth, including their loveys. And Lynley quite often spits up all over them. GROSS! But I have never really cleaned them other than just wiping them off.

How to Clean Stuffed Animals
Teddy Needs a Bath easy steps

I was excited to learn about a new product called Teddy Needs a Bath which is a safe way to clean stuffed animals, doll accessories, baby shoes and pet toys without damaging your machine or the items. I first saw this product on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank and was just blown away by how simple this concept is. At that time I was researching ways to safely clean stuffed toys. I guess it was just meant to be!

The concept is simple. You add the items in the zippered laundry bag, toss it in the wash on the delicate cycle and then tumble dry it on low. Voila! Fresh and clean loveys.

How to clean stuffed animalsI received a large bag along with a storybook and Cotton Candy scented dryer sheets. I love the fact that a little book comes with each bag purchased because for older children, it’s a great way to help them understand why their favorite animals need to be cleaned and why it may look and smell a little different once it’s been washed. Of course, my babies don’t really know the difference right now, but I read it to them anyway.

So how did the product work? Awesome! I washed two animals in the bag, and they are still intact after being dried too. I absolutely recommend this product, and I am going to be washing many more of their stuffed toys in this. As for the cotton candy dryer sheets, I couldn’t really smell the scent on anything I dried. I had used a dryer sheet on a load of clothes prior to washing the animals and didn’t notice a difference, so this time I used two, and I still can’t smell it. Of course it smells great in the box! I just don’t think it transfers well, but that could also be because I use a bounce dryer bar that has a pretty strong scent. I’ll try it again without the bounce bar.

How to clean stuffed animals

And one other note… On the packaging it says that this product works best with front loading machines, but I don’t understand why that’s even on there. I do not have a front loader, and it worked perfectly for me.

I hope you will give Teddy Needs a Bath a try.

*This is not a sponsored post. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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    I love Shark Tank and remember this product. I’m glad you reviewed it because I have wondered if it was really something that would work. Thanks for stopping by The Sticky Mom earlier.

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    Sounds great – always so frustrating when the soft toys say surface clean only. Will have to see if I can get it over here, Alice @ Mums Make Lists P.S. Have pinned to my New Baby board

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