Thursday Things

This a new post that I’ll be doing every week. A little step away from baby world and a peek at what Derrick and I are up to. I’m sure I’ll still post about Corbin and Lynley in this because, let’s face it, they are my entire life! I love it, but Momma needs some time and things for herself too. So here’s what I’ve been up to.

1. I started running again. Ok, so it’s only been once. But I am really committed to getting back into it, and I started over on the Couch25k app. I have a goal to run a 5k this year. Before I got pregnant, I had been running and was doing really well. I love the feeling I have after a run. Refreshed. Free.

2. In order to complete no.1, I bought some new exercise clothes. I should just wear an old t-shirt and shorts, but good clothes just make you feel better in general, even if you’ll be sweating in them. Plus, I wear them to my bi-weekly Pilates class, and maybe around the house….. I did also buy some actual clothes too with my garage sale money. Let me just say that Kohl’s is my new favorite store. I have racked up on great deals for all of us, and I still have $25 in Kohl’s cash and a 15% off coupon to use. Dare I buy a swimsuit? Not sure if I’m quite brave enough yet. Maybe after a couple weeks of running again!

3. I am so looking forward to next Tuesday! I have an appointment for a haircut, and it’s long overdue. Remember when I told you guys about my post partum hair loss? I have stopped losing hair, and it is growing back. But I’m at this awkward stage of 2 inch baby hairs poking up all over the place. It’s driving me crazy, and I really hope that something can be done to hide the little hairs better. I think it is thick enough again to cut a bigger chunk of bangs. Not sure if I want to go a little shorter or keep it just below my shoulders. I kind of go between two styles. Versions of this and this. A major turn off to my shorter hair is that you actually have to style it, but with my discovery of dry shampoo, at least I won’t have to spend as much time washing, drying and straightening. Derrick likes my hair a bit longer, and it’s never been longer than a few inches past my shoulders. I’m just not a long hair person, but I have enjoyed being able to pull it up. Decisions, decisions…

4. I have a new Pinterest board! We’re in the process of redoing a guest bedroom into a play room. Our guest rooms are so very sad. We’ve never spent any time making them feel like part of our house, and my poor family has been suffering in the ugliness for years! Sorry guys! And now there is one less place to sleep… But plus side, no mountain of toys and baby devices in the living room!

Mismatched furniture, ugly curtains, broken fan…. Buh-bye!

5. I am proud to say that I have washed and, this is the major accomplishment… PUT AWAY all the laundry! No more piles laying around the house. It feels so good to have all the clothes washed. I even washed sheets, towels and bath mats. Yeah, I think I deserve a cookie.

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      I’m prepared for it to take a year to go completely back to normal, but if it takes longer than that, I’ll be so depressed! By the way, I meant to comment on your haircut. Really cute! I’m thinking of a style like that too.

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    Can’t wait to see the new hair do and yeah for running! Saw your comment about the Color Run and you are going to have a BLAST! :)