Thursday Things #3

This is a post about what’s going on outside of baby. I share hobbies Derrick and I are currently in to, and other ramblings. A few of you mentioned that you would be interested in linking up if I made this post a link party, so I’ll be working on that. If I do this, I’ll need lots of help promoting it! :)

So here’s what’s new….

Wicked premiere in Austin, June 2010

1. Operation play room is underway, and we have made some progress. We had the walls and ceiling painted, and I put together a window bench and shelf. We decided on a Wizard of Oz theme, since that’s my favorite movie of all time, and it’s just full of imagination, color and fun! I have tons of DIY crafts to get done, and I plan on posting how-tos, so stay tuned. I’ll first be working on making my own seat cushion for the window bench.

2. I have been feeling a little worn out with blog land, although you probably haven’t noticed! I still try to keep up with my posting and emails, but I haven’t been spending as much time visiting my blogger friends or interacting through social media. It’s a lot of work keeping up with everything! I spend most evening on the computer from the time the babies go to bed until 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. That’s about three to four hours, and that just can’t happen anymore. My goal over the next couple of weeks is to really work on balancing my free time with blogging and spending time with Derrick. One thing I’ve tried to do is schedule posts in advance. Have any other tips for me?

3. I won two giveaways on two different blogs! I’m so excited about my prizes. Once they arrive in the mail, I’ll share them on here and through social media, so be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! You will definitely want to go and buy.

4. And that’s really all I have going on right now….. as I said, I’m a dud. Looking forward to relaxing this weekend and celebrating a special anniversary- 8 years ovarian cancer free!

5. Corbin and Lynley are 8 months old! See this post for details on what they’re up to.

What have you all been up to?
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