Mommy must-have items

Every mom should develop must-have items to make life a little bit easier! Being a new mom can be at times overwhelming. In the beginning, you forget to brush your teeth, or let’s face it, you just don’t have time, your hair is always in a messy bun, and not the cute, trendy kind! And you’ve probably been wearing the same pajamas for three days. And for some strange reason, you feel guilty for taking time for yourself, and no one is gonna see you anyway, right? I’ve been there, and still go back to that thought process sometimes, i.e. this post. But you see you, and your husband sees you.

It’s hard to take time to do the simple task of getting dressed, and what I discovered, is that I needed to revamp “my style.” Once I lowered my expectations, I found it easier to actually look like a sane person. What I mean is that pre-baby, I spent an hour to an hour and a half getting ready. Full makeup, perfect hair, high heels, etc. There is no time for that anymore. Now, I focus on looking clean!

I keep it simple. I shower at night, and if it’s a day that I wash my hair I decide whether I will wear it straight or wavy the next day. If I choose straight, I blow dry it before bed, but wait until the next day to straighten and style it. Wavy is much easier, I just spray some texture spray all over and let it air dry. If I am going out of the house the next day to run errands or meet Derrick at his office, I’ll plan my outfit in advance too. I wear simple things, like flats or wedge sandals with jeans, shorts or a maxi dress.

With a new outlook and a few simple items, I now look forward to my days and the task of getting dressed is not so daunting.  I feel better about myself. I am more motivated to exercise, and I make better food choices. Isn’t it amazing how just putting on some nice jeans and dress t-shirt can make you feel 100 times better and influence you to make better decisions? The mind is a beautiful thing.

Here are my top ten must-have wardrobe, hair and beauty items.

1. Audrey Brooke Carina Wedge from DSW
2. Reef Bella Costa Flats
3. Old Navy Maxi Dress
4. Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo
5. Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves Spray
6. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
7. Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer
8. Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream
9. Eos lip balm
10. Jergen’s Daily Glow

What are your must-haves?

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  1. says

    Great post! I found dresses were a (nursing) mommy don’t. Which sucks, especially with the summer here! My mommy must-haves are a hair tie (since little one is always grabbing and pulling it), stylish clothes that are easily washable (cuz they’re always covered in spit-up!), a cute hat for the first few weeks when you can’t manage to get more than 1 shower in a week, and hot toe nail polish – cuz you can finally reach your toes again!! ^_^
    Heather (

    • says

      I agree, dresses while nursing is probably not the best choice! But it’s so much easier now after weaning because it’s one piece of clothing to wash vs. two!

      And great adds! I love your comment about the toe nail polish!