First aid kit essentials for summer

Summer is here! You probably have lots of outdoor and away-from-home activities planned, but have you thought about what you’d do in case of a little accident, like a fall, bee sting, etc.?

It’s always a good idea to be over prepared when it comes to babies and small children. I always bring more than enough diapers, a change of clothes and at least 3 different toys for each baby. But what’s been missing from my bag is a first aid kit.

Since the babies are sleeping less, we have been getting out more with them. We’ve been to the zoo and the park, and on a hiking trail. Sometimes we take them out of the stroller and let them play on a blanket on the ground, and it got me thinking. What if a bug bit them or they fell over into some rocks or an ant bed or ate a flower they are allergic to? I wouldn’t have anything to treat them with until we got home, and a 15 to 20 minute drive with a screaming baby in pain is just torture, on them and Daddy and me.

So, I decided to put together a little first kit. I already carried a few of these items in our diaper bag, like a hand sanitizer, thermometer and sunscreen. But some major essentials were missing. Here’s what’s in our kit:

I used an old wipes container to store everything.

Neosporin spray
Anti-itch gel
Pedia Care
Burn relief cream
Gauze and tape
Hand sanitizer

I’m too scared that mine would eat it, so I left it out, but it’s probably a good idea to add some insect repellent. But please always read the labels, so you know what chemicals are in those things. It may also be a good idea to add an ace bandage or ankle brace to your kit if your children are older.

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