“I raise twins, what’s your super power?”

That’s the saying on a t-shirt I found for Derrick for Valentine’s Day, and it’s becoming a motto at our house. Because sometimes things are so chaotic that when you make it out on the other end, you question how you actually did it! “Must be because I’m awesome!”

If only we truly had super powers to keep up with our little ones!  Being a parent is a wonderful blessing, but it sure isn’t easy! Here are some confessions from Derrick.

1. “Whoever made up the term “sleeping through the night” needs to be punched in the face!” Yeah… I agree with that one. No one ever told us that meant they sleep for maybe 6 to 8 hours (if you’re even that lucky) and then want to eat again. We are convinced that those parents who say their babies sleep a full 12 hours straight are big fat liars!

2. “I never knew that it was possible to hate an inanimate object so much as I hate the baby monitor. A device that puts shrills and cries in your ear in the middle of the night = worst.invention.ever.”

3. “Watching the babies reach milestones warms my heart. The smiles, the roll over, reaching for me when I get home from work… But what will make me the proudest? When they can hold their own bottles!”

And now a confession of my own about Derrick: He likes naked baby booties! There is a term “weep, weep” on my side of the family and a little pinch to the bottom that goes with it. I think after seeing how cute tiny little hinies are, he fully understands the appeal of the “weep, weep!”

Watching Derrick experience fatherhood is a beautiful thing, and often times hilarious! He is the most adorable Daddy ever.

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  1. says

    I agree with you about the sleeping through the night myth. I’ve gotten 9 hours from my 5 month old a time or two. But my two year old is currently on a let’s-get-up-every-few-hours kick. It’s lovely. :/

  2. says

    Lisa, yes that’s Corbin in the second picture! And Derrick has that look on his face constantly!

    Julie, thanks for following us! They have gone 8 or 9 hours a few times, but it seems like right about the time we think we’re getting a routine down, they go through a growth spurt! I can’t imagine this lasting until age 2. Ay-yah-ya!

  3. says

    Then some day your twins will be teenagers, who will sleep 16 hrs and you have to kick them out of bed. Remember someday there will be pay back!

    Great super power! Your family is so cute!

  4. says

    You only complain because you are going through it right now….in 16 years you will WISH you were listening to them on a monitor and holding their bottles…lol.

  5. says

    I love this photo. Jacob is all I can handle, barely. I can’t imagine two, actually I can but it gives me nightmares. Lol