The first outing: shopping trip to Walmart

We went on our first outing while Nanner was in town, and we were so impressed with how well it actually went!

Other than to the doctor and on a quick errand to the bank, the babies haven’t been into town. I’ve been itching to go somewhere, but then hesitate since I’m still worried about germs. I need to get over it. They got a little bit sick recently, and they were fine. It’s time to get out of this house!

What better time to go galavanting, as my granny would say, than when Nanner is in town!?! So my mom and I packed up the babies and headed to Walmart. We needed to buy some more bottle liners and water, and Corbin and Lynley’s Christmas money from my sister was burning a hole in my their pocket! I promised her that I wouldn’t spend it until they could go with me. And spend it they did, plus some! (Nanner now understands why Daddy gives Mommy a spending limit!)

We were only in the store for about an hour, and it went very well. They were a little bit fussy when we first got there, but the motion of the stroller settled them. And then Corbin offended our noses and needed a diaper change pronto! I took him and let Lynley stay with Mom. I will never forget the look on his face when I laid him down on the changing table (on top of my own CLEAN changing pad of course). He kind of clung to me a little bit before I set him down, and then he looked so scared and cried. :( It almost made me cry.

They both were a little freaked out with the new surroundings, but as long as I or Nanner was in sight, they were fine. They wanted to be talked to, and it wasn’t until we got to the checkout that Lynley had had enough of her car seat! So my mom held her until we got back out to the car.

On the drive home, they both cried a little, but we discovered a radio channel they like on Sirius! It put them right to sleep, and I saved it to favorites. We have a five-hour trip in our future next weekend to visit my family in Orange, TX. This will be interesting.

Corbin is wondering why Lynley got the $20!
Nanner rocking and shopping.