And they thought I was crazy…

Well it happened! Despite our best efforts to keep the babies from getting sick, they both had a little touch of a stomach bug. And this is why we don’t go anywhere. I can’t imagine what they would catch if we actually got out of the house!

It all started Thursday night. Derrick started feeling bad, and we were pretty worried that he caught something from a family member, but he didn’t have a fever and experienced food poisoning like symptoms. He remembered a bite of his lunch wasn’t completely warmed through, so he thought for sure that was the culprit. The babies and I were fine. Derrick finally started feeling better Friday evening and was able to keep water down. By Saturday he was eating bread and keeping Gatorade down.

Friday night and Saturday morning, Corbin started having diarrhea, but I didn’t think anything of it. He had been a little backed up, so I thought it was just finally coming out. (over share, I know!) He was incredibly fussy and so was Lynley. By late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, Lynley started throwing up after she ate. Not her normal spit up either. We’re talking completely soaking a bib, burp cloth, herself and me! She also had really gross poopy diapers. I ended up calling the doctor to get the okay to stop her milk and give her pedialyte. We stayed that course for about 16 hours and then she was able to tolerate milk again.

It’s been a loooong weekend! I don’t know if Derrick truly had food poisoning or something more, since the babies started feeling a little sick. They have been receiving a shot of medicine once a month to help them fight infections better if they do happen to get sick. It’s supposed to help minimize symptoms and keep them out of the hospital. It definitely worked because it could have been so much worse! Thankfully for all three of my lovies, it was just a 24 hour bug.

I never got anything, but I did feel pretty queasy Saturday and Sunday when the babies were feeling bad. I don’t know if that was lack of sleep or “sympathy sickness” but I definitely didn’t feel like myself. I was so glad I never felt bad because we would’ve been up a creek…..



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    sick babies are the worst! followed close by a sick husband:) Piper had roseola last week and it was hell! Glad everyone’s feeling better:)

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    Oh no! Poor baby girl. Glad you guys are feeling better too. Sick husbands are worse than sick babies! (love you Derrick!)