Babies are home- week one down!

Corbin and Lynley have been home one week today, and boy has it been an adventure! I have a video of the homecoming, but it won’t upload. Boo!

They came home last Friday and the weekend went great. They ate and slept well, and then Lynley started spitting up a lot every time she ate and couldn’t get a good burp out. We mentioned it to the dr. at their Monday checkup, and she said as long as Lynley isn’t crying and goes to sleep afterwards, she is fine. I worried that she wasn’t keeping enough down, so we decided to try micro feedings, giving her an ounce, letting her try to burp for 10 minutes and then giving her another ounce. It worked! We also don’t move her suddenly after eating either. This process takes almost an hour each time she eats and makes for a long, long night, but it’s worth it to me for her to be comfortable. Today she’s done amazing.

As for Corbin, he just likes to be held and cannot stand a wet diaper. He gets very upset when he doesn’t get what he wants… must get that from his Dad. 😉 They went a couple days with horrible sleeping patterns, but I think everything is quieting down as they get more comfortable in their new surroundings.

And maybe since I’m feeling better, they’re feeling better. Yep, I got sick! How could that happen? I have no idea because I am religious about washing my hands and sanitizing them. We haven’t been out and about, so I must’ve gotten something before we left the hospital. Tuesday night I started getting a sore throat and woke up with a fever. I was beyond upset and I was scared of passing it to them. I have been wearing gloves and a mask for 3 days every time I nurse them and hold them. :( Ready to ditch that garb and get some baby kisses! I feel much better, but I don’t want to chance it just yet. Plus, I think I might have a fever blister on my lip now. JOY…

So besides all of that, we also realized that we’re going to be blowing through our stockpile of diapers and wipes much quicker than anticipated. We have so many boxes in the closet that I thought we’d probably have some leftover by the time they went up a size. Most likely not, but I’m thankful we have plenty to get us through a couple of months. I think we go through a package of 48 wipes every 2 days, and 20 to 30 diapers a day. We’ve also done a ton of laundry. Silly me for thinking they had too many newborn clothes they wouldn’t possibly get to wear. They are definitely all getting used.

So what else happened this week… newborn photo shoot! We all dressed up and took Christmas pictures. I’ll post the best ones after we mail out Christmas cards, including naked babies with bow butts! For now, here’s a peak. (And yes, that’s a fat baby stuffed in a stocking! We almost couldn’t get him out!)



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    They are GORGEOUS Steff!! I’m so sorry we lost touch and I’m just now catching up with your story. Congratulations on two beautiful babies! Raising twins is going to be quite the adventure. I’m very thankful you are all doing so well.