Week one: Check!

We made it through week one! The babies are doing so well. They have never needed oxygen, which really surprised the doctors. They are breathing on their own, but are being stimulated with caffeine until they each reach a certain weight, which I think is 1500 to 1600grams. Corbin had one episode on day two I believe, where he stopped breathing during a nipple feed. I don’t know why they tried him on a nipple that early, but it freaked Derrick and my mom out. Thankfully, I didn’t witness it, but I feel horrible they did. Since then, he has tried a bottle once more and drank about half before pooping out. Lynley also got about half down today when they tried with her. It’s the equivalent of running a marathon for them, and they’re just too small.

Lynley getting her tan on.

Both had to go under the lights to treat jaundice. Lynley was at the “spa” for a few days, and Corbin only needed one day. That is complete now. He is in an open bed since he has about 9 ounces on her. She is in an incubator so that she doesn’t burn calories trying to regulate her body temperature. They want those calories on her so she will plump up.

As for breastfeeding, they are not able to nurse quite yet. I’m pumping plenty for them though. I had a few ups and downs getting started, but now I am one day ahead of them on what I’m pumping vs. what they are taking in. Yesterday, Lynley nuzzled at the breast for the first time, and she did awesome! She was actually able to get about 5cc’s of milk, and she didn’t cough or sputter. I was so impressed and proud of her and myself. Today, we let Corbin nuzzle. It took him a little longer to get interested, but he did take it and drank a little bit. I feel very lucky to be able to do this so soon. For preemies, it’s usually around what would be 34 weeks before they will get the hang of it. We’re off to a great start at 32 weeks.

There is still no mention of when they might come home, and I’m not asking because they will say it depends. HA! Lynley will be in the incubator for sure another week, maybe some of next week. And both need more practice at coordinating suck, swallow, breathe while eating.

Funniest picture of Corbin ever!

Handsome little man.

I know there have been so many little milestones achieved this week, but it’s all running together. I just know that they are little miracles, and we are so proud of them.

She is always stretching out and moving all around. This reminds me of how she was in the womb. My little dancer!
Hi Mommy!

We celebrated Halloween with them a little bit early today. They got dressed up, and we took a family picture, but I’m not sharing yet! The pics on our phones aren’t great, so I will post the pictures the nurses took as soon as I receive them. Oh the suspense!!

And one last update, since I know you guys are wondering how I’m doing. I’m recovering pretty quickly. I was only taking ibuprofen by the time I left the hospital, which was 3 days after delivery I think. I haven’t really needed any in the past few days. Today, I started driving again, and I was in no pain at all. I also squeezed into a pair of my jeans today! Although, I couldn’t button them, but it won’t be long. I estimate that I gained about 45 pounds, probably more that last week being on the meds and not able to get out of bed. But there was no scale at the hospital, so based on my last weigh in, I am only 15 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. The hardest ones to lose, I’m sure. My goal is to be back to normal weight by Christmas. Wish me luck!