Not the update 31 wk update I wanted to write!

This is the short version because I just lost the book I had written about our adventure this week, and I’m pissed! :( I’ll go into more detail later, but our twins are here! Very unexpected, but they are doing amazing in the NICU, and there are no health concerns. They are breathing on their own and just need to fatten up!

We are absolutely in love with our baby boy and baby girl, and we look forward to hopefully having them home for Thanksgiving. I think if I say that enough it’ll come true! HA The nurses won’t give an estimated date because every baby is different. They like to say by the due date, but our babies only need to gain some weight, so I’m confident they’ll be here much sooner.

Enjoy the photo dump!

What I’m thinking: how can you ask me to smile right now?!

Proud Nanner trying to calm me down.

On the operating table. I had the “juice” so I was much more zen!
Corbin Dallas, 3lbs 12.5oz, 17 inches, 4:11pm


Lynley Diann, 3lbs 3.5oz, 15 inches, 4:12pm



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    Steff I was just thinking of you today. Loads of prayers for you and your little family. Praise God they are doing well, such troopers! Fatten up sweet babies :) Hoping for a speedy recovery for you.