Product Review: Mint Plus (robot floor cleaner)

When you have an 80lb. chocolate lab living inside, your floors are going to be dirty. We were shocked to see just how dirty once we ditched the carpet and installed hardwood floors last year! I literally would have to sweep over the floor several times to get all of the hair and dirt up. It was disgusting! It made me really happy to be rid of the carpet though. I couldn’t imagine all that grime embedded in there with no way to reach out. YUCK! So since we’ve had the hardwood, I have been looking into different dust mops, clothes, floor steamers and solutions, and haven’t really found anything that didn’t take a lot of work. Until now…..

Introducing the Mint Plus! This little robot is expensive, but it’s worth every penny! We were very impressed that it actually works. It’s available at Target, Best Buy and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Use a 20% off coupon at BB&B, and score it at a discount! Here’s a video, and pictures below of it on our floors.

Derrick and I were mesmerized by this little thing! It was just zipping along picking up all the hair and dirt.

It went underneath the couch, which probably hasn’t been cleaned in a while!

Jeep was not happy that it kept trying to clean underneath him! He ran away from it several times.