Workout Wednesdays!

Exercise/Fitness tip of the week: Eat a snack with protein and good carbs within one hour of working out.  It will help give you fuel for your workout and will cut down on the fatigue afterward.

What I’m doing this week: I’m doing various low impact workouts from some of my exercise DVDs.  If you would rather not buy DVDs, but want some quick, easy workouts that deliver results, browse the selection on ExerciseTV’s web site.  I’ve found tons of great routines there, including the 10 minute legs workout I shared last week.

Happy exercising! :)



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      Hi Sheila. Thanks for asking! I posted this a while ago, so my workout has changed lots since then. I’m currently doing Pilates and just started running again. My favorite DVD is Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones. Her 30 Day Shred video is also great.