Let the lucky streak continue!

April has just been our month this year! I’ve been applying for different jobs with the state for a few months because I’d like to get back into more of a media related job than what I do now.  I haven’t gotten any hits until last week!

I went on an interview at a different agency other than the governor’s office, and I thought it went ok. It’s just not really what I want to do.  Since I first started at the gov’s office a year ago, I’ve wanted to work my way into the press office.  So, I over heard some press people talking one day when we were standing in line for free BBQ at the Capitol (one of my favorite perks of working there, since lobbyists always bring food) and they said it’s so and so’s last day! WHAT? And to think, I almost just ate my measly ole lean cuisine that day because I didn’t want to stand in line in the hot sun. Boy am I glad I did! So being the sly person I am, I mentioned this “rumor” to a co-worker who’s been trying to help me land a new position.  He calls the girl and flat out asks, are you leaving?  She said yes, and he said well I know someone who would be great to take your place.  Then he emailed my resume over to the managers, and they called me yesterday!  Aaaahh :)  I spoke with them this morning, and they seem very interested.  I think their favorite part was when I told them I knew how to run a teleprompter!  Ha!  I never thought I’d use my tv production skills again, but hey, if that is what sets me apart, I’ll totally run prompter everyday for the governor!  I should hear something next week.  Please cross your fingers that I get this opportunity.  It’s a great career move for me!

Aside from the job prospects, Derrick has been hitting the jackpot on scratch-offs! A couple of weeks ago he won $500, and today he won $200!  I think the next ticket he buys better be for the mega millions!



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    Fingers crossed ~ check …. toes crossed ~ check …. legs crossed ~ check …. arms crossed ~ check …. eyes crossed ~ check … ears crossed ~ check …. heehee


    love and hugs .. Mommy :)