My thumb is greener than I thought!

I’ve never been great at gardening, and I’ve killed many plants.  However, I like to blame some of my failure on the hot Texas sun because there is just no where in our yard to get away from it. Our house faces west, so we get lots of bright sun, and we have zero trees for shade……

Which is why, we planted a tree last summer. It looked pretty scraggly when we got it. It’s a flowering plum, and it should grow to about 10 to 12 feet.  We had a hard time planting it because of all the limestone in our yard. Derrick actually had to use a pick ax, and it took about two hours of us taking turns digging to get it planted.  The leaves that were there were in bad shape, and they fell off almost right away. It seriously looked dead, but I watered it a lot!

The first tree we planted. Summer 2010.

And now, take a look. Not so bad at this at all!

Out little tree is growing and getting greener every day! March 2011.

Please excuse the weeds in that last picture! We’re working on that. It’s such a pain! We look forward to planting more trees and shrubs in the back yard and our upcoming gardening projects in the front too. Before long our yard will actually look decent. We’re kind of the ugly yard on the block, and we are so ready for that to change!!!



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    AWWW ….. the tree looks good! Gardening takes practice and patience. It’s alot of planting, digging back up, and trying again. You keep at it and you will be an “expert” before you know it. LOVIES :)

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    Trees take too long to grow up. Shrubs and flowers are my thing. Also i have to worry about hairy canes so i want mo flowers….lol.
    But your tree looks a little more alive…..are you sure you water it enough? You need a sprinkler on it.

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    Looks good to me! I imagine in Texas it would be so hard to keep outdoor plants alive. Do you have underground sprinklers?

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    Thank you all! We have sprinklers, but unfortunately there isn’t one close enough to the tree. We don’t know why there wasn’t one installed there, and of course we checked after we planted the tree instead of before! My plan for all the other planting coming up is to buy water wise plants that can withstand heat and drought in case we don’t get rain again for 6 months!

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    News to me! It didn’t work, so I thought we didn’t have one. Glad to know my days of dragging the water hose 75 feet is over! Yessss :)