Potty Training Update + Nuby Potty Seat Review

Exactly two months ago, I posted a photo to Instagram of Lynley proudly wearing her new undies. Back then, we were pretty much completely doing number one on the potty and wearing undies at home with maybe one accident a day. Number two was still a work in progress, as well as wearing undies in public. I would say she was about 90% trained. That was then…..

Potty training twins is no simple feat! But Nuby helps make it easier. #pottytraining #toddlers #twins

Since starting preschool, she has regressed a lot with peeing on the potty. Mainly because at school they just don’t take her often enough. It really makes me mad actually, but I have to remember that they are dealing with a dozen other kids at the same time. I’m learning to be patient. However, while pee has regressed some, poo is making it into the potty way more consistently (at least at home) and that is a huge deal! The poop struggle was exhausting, but more on that later. 
Corbin has also completely lost his way with the potty. In fact, he cries now when we take him, and they don’t even bother trying at school. I have slowly been working on this over the past couple of weeks, and I have successfully gotten him to pee in the potty at least once or twice per day now. He will take much longer to train than I expected, so I’m putting most of my effort toward Lynley because she just needs to make it over this hump of being able to verbalize when she has to go in order for her to be 100% ready for undies. 
And here’s one thing that is helping: the Nuby Potty Seat. This seat is sized just right for your little one. The stand-alone potty features a non-skid base, comfortable seat, and removable basin that is easy to empty and easy to clean.

Potty training twins is easier with a comfy potty seat like these from #Nuby! #pottytraining #toddlers #twins

We already had a couple of potty chairs from another company, which the twins really like, but this seat is a bit smaller and easier to move around the house or take with us. For the most part, Lynley uses a potty seat attachment to the big potty, but since we are still working on being able to stop what we’re doing and make it to the potty on time, I like to keep a potty seat within eye sight and reach to use when needed. I take our Nuby seat outside with us, and Lynley has been pretty good about telling me “pee, pee” and running over to it to sit down. This is wonderful progress! The seat is small enough that she can do this all by herself without falling over, and the bowl insert is deep enough that it can hold a lot of pee! I just dump it, rinse and wipe it with a disinfecting wipe, and it’s good to go for the next round. 
You can buy the Nuby Potty Seat at buybabydirect.com or amazon.com.

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    Those potty seats look small enough for us to take with us on the go. My son is potty trained but sometimes you just can’t find a bathroom fast enough!

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      Or one you want to let your child sit on! We have taken our potty seat attachment with us before, but I am going to start keeping this one in the car, so I don’t have to drag both twins into a store (and fight them on not crawling under the stall next to us!). It really is a great little seat!