It’s so hard finding the perfect cups! {Nuby Product Review}

Seriously, why is it so hard to find a good straw cup these days? We’ve tried a few different brands, and after a few months they all start to leak. We’ve been fans of Nuby brand from the beginning, but the recent cups we received for review are a mix of good and not so good for us. But that definitely doesn’t stop me from recommending them!

Product Review: Nuby Flip-it Easy Grip cups. #review #Nuby #toddlers

First, we really like the first set of cups we received, which are the Nuby Flip-it Easy Grip cups. I love that these cups are easy for Lynley and Corbin to hold, and the fact that the cup features an easy-to-use flip top cap. This uniquely designed feature protects the straw from contamination when not in use, making it great for travel and short trips! I find these straw cups to be much more easy to drink from because it’s a hard straw, instead of a soft one with a valve. The only downside is that I can’t leave the twins unsupervised with these cups even for a minute or they’ve turned them upside down to dump the contents all over the wood floors and then play slip and slide in it! I am shocked that they came up with that game all on their own. Despite this fact though, we would definitely recommend this cup.

Product Review: Nuby Flip-it Easy Grip cups. #review #Nuby #toddlers

Product Review: Nuby Printed Sports Sipper cups. #review #Nuby #toddlers

The next set of cups that we tested are the Nuby Printed Sports Sipper Cups. These cups come in super cute designs and are sized perfectly for little hands, which is why I was really excited to review them. However, there is no actual straw that sits into the liquid. It’s a straw spout only, and I find it to actually look more like a sippy spout. Corbin and Lynley haven’t used sippy cups in months, so when I handed them these cups to drink from, they got very agitated. They didn’t remember how to tip the cup up to get a drink, and they both prefer to drink from long straws. So these were a bust for drinking out of, but as you can see, they make a great chew toy…. My conclusion, great for younger babies, but for toddlers who drink from straws, it’s a step back.

Product Review: Nuby Printed Sports Sipper cups. #review #Nuby #toddlers

Flip-it Easy Grip Cups are available at these retailers: Amazon; Buy Baby Direct; Walmart; Baby Depot at Burlington; DD’s Discounts and TJ Maxx.

Printed Sport Sippers: Amazon and

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    I love NUBY too, but why can’t someone make a straw cup that doesn’t leak??!! My daughter only gets the straw cup when supervised or we also get puddles EVERYWHERE. We still use the NUBY hard spout cups, they don’t leak, when she can’t be supervised.