Early Learning with Ebeanstalk {Sponsored Post}

Early learning made easy with Ebeanstalk. #sponsored #earlylearning #totschool #homeschool

“Clock, clock!” Corbin says constantly. I gaze at him as he sits in the floor, legs crossed, focused so intently on matching the right shapes into the cut-outs. “Where’s the red number two,” I ask him. He searches for a couple of seconds and correctly picks up the red number two, which is shaped like a parallelogram. He hands it to me with a huge smile on his face, and I cheer loudly and give him a big hug. Lynley comes over to join in my cheering. She sits down next to Corbin, and they work together to find all of the green shapes. We talk about the numbers on each shape and describe what each shape is.

This little wooden clock with movable hour and minute hands and colorfully shaped numbers has quickly become the new favorite toy in our household. In a matter of days, Corbin and Lynley have started identifying colors and numbers better. We’re so thankful to Ebeanstalk for gifting this wooden clock by Melissa and Doug to us.

Early learning made easy with Ebeanstalk. #sponsored #earlylearning #totschool #homeschool

About Ebeanstalk:
It can be difficult to select the right educational toys. The age level guides on boxes are much too broad to choose items targeted to the specific age of your child. It’s Ebeanstalk’s mission to help parents select the best educational toys, books and games available today. They offer a unique way to select toys for one year olds and children at every stage of development from birth to 12 years of age. The toys on their website have been selected by a team of specialists, which includes experts in clinical psychology, speech-language pathology, physical therapy, pediatric occupational therapy and education, as well as over 700 mothers from across the country. They looked at over 10,000 toys to select what they consider the best educational toys from around the world.

Along with the clock that we received to review, we also got a new board book by one of our favorite authors. A to Z by Sandra Boynton is a classically cute book, and the tots love to point to the silly characters doing silly things in the book. We have quite a few of this author’s books, and her whimsical take on the basics is perfect for keeping the attention of high-energy toddlers.

Early learning made easy with Ebeanstalk. #sponsored #earlylearning #totschool #homeschool

Go check out all of the awesome educational toys,a nd please come back and tell me what you ordered or have on your wish list! I see lots of things to put on C & L’s birthday gift list. It’s not spoiling them if it’s educational, right?!?!?

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