When babies are sick

When babies are sick by Spit and Sparkles Blog

Everything goes out the window! Our routines have been completely a mess this past week due to Lynley teething her molars, and after three days of fever, I took her in to see the doctor- ear infection.

She was prescribed some antibiotics, and we thought finally, we’ll see some improvement. In her, yes we did. She started eating more than just two bites of fruit and tiny sips of milk. But the very next day, Corbin woke up with a high fever. This had me thinking, “What in the world is going on!?!” Ugh… It was Saturday, so we couldn’t bring him in to see the doctor. We called, and since twins mostly do the same thing, we assumed he probably has an ear infection as well. Sure enough, I noticed him touching his right ear. Antibiotics for him too. This is the pits. Derrick and I are exhausted. Our backs hurt from carrying around two 20+ pounders for a week and constantly putting food in front of them, only to have it spit back out or thrown on the floor.

So this is how we ate. In front of the TV. This method was effective maybe 50 percent of the time, but it was better than holding them and trying to feed them with their heads on our shoulders. I can’t tell you how much food ended up in my hair. Eww!

When babies are sick by Spit and Sparkles Blog

And this is how we napped. Not the most comfortable position for me, but it helped with their ear pain to be more upright and close to me. I kind of enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to sleep with them like this since they were 9 or 10 months old. They really like their cribs! Lucky us, but I miss the snuggles.

When babies are sick by Spit and Sparkles Blog

We are happy that Lynley is finally feeling better, and we really pray that Corbin gets his appetite back soon too. He’s actually happy, playing and seems fine overall. But he won’t eat a thing! We’ve got a busy few weekends coming up, so we need them to feel better. Please God!!!!

There was a little bit of icing to the weekend despite the sick babies. I took a little trip to the salon! New hair color and a trim. It took a year for my hair to return to it’s “former grandeur” post nursing. Remember where I started? Go read all about my battle with telogen effluvium here.



How do you handle sick babies with teething pain and ear infections? Please leave a comment below!
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  1. says

    Its never easy and I only have one. I try my best with cuddles and patience. I normally give into my little guys favorites. :)

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    My son is so cranky today. He has got fever and might have chicken pox. Needless to say cant do any chores as he wanted a cuddle every second. I just let go of the other things & give him all the attention. He needs it anyways but I wish he will get better soon.

  3. says

    Ear infections are the worst! I only have one toddler, I can not imagine having two with infections at the same time. We over spoil our little one when she is sick too. I just can’t help give her whatever she ask for when she is looking and feeling so pitiful.

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    Oh poor babies!! And mom and dad! Teething is the WORST! Along with ear aches and fevers (but I blame that on teething!) Mia stopped eating when she got an ear infection with her molars (is that even avoidable? Ugh!) and we discovered that she would suck down those stupid, expensive pouches. But hey, she ate it? We bought it for her!
    I figure that the sickness is few and far between so it’s okay for the schedule to go out the window when it does hit! Take advantage of a few days of snuggles and movies because once the sickness ends, we are back to our busy, crazy lives!

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      Ah, so we aren’t the only ones who experienced an ear infection with molars. THe doctor wanted me to believe she had something else, like a virus causing it. Mystery virus.. she had absolutely no signs of a head cold or tummy bug, etc. and neither did her brother!

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    I’m so sorry your babies aren’t feeling well. It’s so sad watching them suffer and feeling helpless. My son had ear infections a lot more than my daughter growing up. Hopefully it will pass soon. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!