Reasons Why Every Expectant Couple Should Take a Babymoon

Top 5 reasons every expectant couple should take a babymoon. #travel #babymoon #pregnancy

Babymoons have become extremely popular over the last few years. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Kate Middleton and so many more have jumped on the babymoon bandwagon; but for regular folks, are they really worth the effort, money and time? I say, yes! And you’ll come to learn that the hard way, like me, if you don’t take a babymoon before baby (in my case, twins) arrives.

Derrick and I are the proud parents of boy/girl twins who are absolutely precious and lots of fun. But as much as we love spending time with them, we long for some adult time away and often think back to our pre-baby lifestyle when it was much easier to plan and take a vacation. Since my twins decided they wanted to meet us nine weeks early, a babymoon was out of the question for us. We might have taken a trip to Hawaii or New York City or even to a neighboring city or state. Babymoons don’t have to be extravagant Caribbean getaways. A simple weekend trip close to home for rest and relaxation is still well worth it.

Here’s why:

1. Preparing for your new arrival can be stressful. Babies need so much “stuff,” it can be overwhelming. Being able to step back from all of the planning is great for mom and baby’s health and wellbeing.

2. It’s your last hurrah as a family of two. Most of us had a bachelor or bachelorette party before getting married. It’s a huge milestone, and we all wanted that one last night out as an individual before our lives became centered on being a couple. Think of having a baby in the same way. Once your baby is born, your life is centered on what’s best for the child. Spending one last vacation just as a couple beforehand is so important, and something you’ll look back on and cherish.

3. Once your new baby arrives, your sleep and daily schedule completely change, FOREVER. It can be difficult for moms to find “me time” ever again, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that. A trip to the spa here and there after baby arrives is awesome, but not if you can’t stop thinking about needing to pump your breastmilk for longer than five minutes or worrying your husband is feeding your child dog food. When I was pregnant, I used to think the people who said things like, “sleep now because you will never sleep again” were so pessimistic, especially since my husband and I worked so hard to conceive and were very excited about our growing family. But, I fully understand what they meant now. Taking time before baby arrives to enjoy ourselves, relax and even sleep is something we should all take advantage of because it only gets harder to actually relax and to find the time to do so once your family has expanded.

4. You probably won’t be seeing an exotic island or national landmark or anything more than your own backyard for quite some time. I didn’t leave the house after my children were born until they were almost three months old! Even then, I only went to the grocery store or around the block with the stroller for a quick walk. It’s hard to get out and about with a new baby, and it takes a lot of planning and effort for such short time frames before they need a nap or to nurse, etc. So if you have the chance to take your dream vacation before baby arrives, it’s a great idea to do so instead of waiting until your children get a little older.

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*This is a sponsored post. I received some sort of compensation for writing this, but all opinions and ideas expressed are 100% honest and my own.
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    I wish I had done this before my kids were born…many many years ago…lol. I do agree that it’s important to spend together as a couple before the first baby is born because things will never be the same again. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday Linky Party.