A Little Egg Hunt + Matilda Jane GIVEAWAY

Matilda Jane Clothing is whimisical and fun! Win a $50 gift card. Ends 4/22

It’s official. My sweet twins are no longer baby babies. They’re full-on toddlers on the verge of small kid status. They are seriously making our heads spin with all of the developments/milestones lately. One of those is mastering picking up and putting away. What better way to practice this new skill than with an Easter egg hunt!

Okay, so the eggs weren’t really hidden. But, Corbin and Lynley enjoyed running around and picking all of the eggs up. Not so much letting them go and dropping them into their baskets, but holding them and opening them to see the prizes inside, yes! One of Corbin’s eggs had a little raffle ticket inside, and he won a Berenstain Bears book. He didn’t really care, but I could not have been more thrilled, since these books are very dear to me. I have a huge collection of Berenstain Bear books from my childhood that I am patiently waiting to pass down. They also looted some stickers, temporary tattoos and silly straws. All in all, it was a super fun day. I have to admit that I cried a little bit when we were walking up to the park, and I was handing Corbin his basket. In that moment, I was proud of my little monkeys, but sad all the same. Experiencing firsts is always like this for me. I wish these moments didn’t rush by so quickly!

What do you think of Lynley’s festive outfit? Gorgeous, right? It’s another Matilda Jane piece. And you can win your own! We absolutely love MJ clothing and the fun, whimsical patterns that adorn them. We always get compliments on these outfits, and this one is our favorite of the three we own.

Matilda Jane Clothing is whimisical and fun! Win a $50 gift card. Ends 4/22

Lynley is wearing the Love Bug Knot Top with Sweetheart Leggings and Cloudy Puffer Tee from the new It’s a Wonderful Parade collection in size 18 months. These colors just pop on her and really make her eyes and hair stand out. I’m forever in awe of her beauty.
The fit of the 18 month size is pretty spot on for Lynley right now. She is 17.5 months and still has some room to grow in these pieces, but they fit her well enough that they’re not falling off. I think she’ll have at least a couple of more inches to grow for this outfit, as the knot top and tee are more like dresses on her at the moment, and the leggings are rolled at the waist once. This factor is a major selling point for me with this company. Not only is the quality of the clothing impeccable, but it lasts! I love having items that can be worn for more than two months at a time.
Matilda Jane Clothing is whimisical and fun! Win a $50 gift card. Ends 4/22

Matilda Jane Clothing is whimisical and fun! Win a $50 gift card. Ends 4/22

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    AHHH! She is ADORABLE!!! I confess that I have bought several items from the new collection. I am excited about the new release in May of even more items. :) I adore the landscape ruffles….ruffles get me every. single. time!