Smiling is a beautiful gift {Sponsored Post}

Do you know someone with a smile that just melts your heart? My children’s smiles do that for me. Seeing my twins express their joy through a big, toothy grin is one of the best gifts a parent could receive. But what if your child was living with a devastating medical condition that prevented others from seeing the beauty behind his/her smile?

I’m talking about children with cleft. I personally think all children, regardless of having a cleft lip or palate are beautiful, but I realize this physical condition can be heartbreaking. That’s why I fully support Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an international humanitarian medical charity specializing in providing surgical procedures for children to correct cleft or other facial deformities. Children who suffer from a cleft lip and/or cleft palate may have difficulty eating. Ear disease and dental problems occur frequently, as do problems with proper speech development. However, the long term improvement in quality of life for the children who receive an Operation Smile surgery is incomprehensible. 

The organization strives to bring quality care to every child, and it operates by a Global Standard of Care. That standard ensures that every patient treated benefits from the same sophisticated equipment, procedures and credentialed medical volunteers, no matter where in the world they receive treatment.

Operation Smile receives support from countless organizations across the globe, and one of those is CampusBookRentals. The company, which provides college students an alternative to buying textbooks, has partnered with Operation Smile, since 2011. is dedicated to making a difference in the world through humanitarian projects, and it’s all made possible because of our customers who rent textbooks rather than buy them. Although you probably didn’t know, when you rent from our site we donate a portion of the rental fee to our humanitarian project fund which is used on at least one project each year.

CampusBookRentals has pledged to provide at least 80 Operation Smile surgeries this year. Please visit to learn more.

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