Smiling amid the tears and tantrums

This week has been HARD. Transitioning toddler twins down to one nap from two is by far the hardest parenting journey we’ve been on. Even worse than a newborn Lynley spitting up everything, EVERYWHERE,  24/7. That stuff could be cleaned, but I am at a loss on how to make the water works and whining stop times two!

Have you seen this collection of hilarious photos floating around the web by Reasons My Son is Crying?  It’s a dozen pictures or so that parents have posted of their kids crying and captioned with the reason why. Kids are finicky, little things aren’t they!?! I was inspired to photograph some of Lynley and Corbin’s tantrums…

1. I told Corbin that it was time to eat, and we were having chocolate chips waffles for breakfast.

Learning to smile amid the tears! #reasonsmykidiscrying  #toddlertantrums

2. Derrick told Lynley that she could not bite his toes.

Learning to smile amid the tears! #reasonsmykidiscrying  #toddlertantrums

3. Lynley wouldn’t let Corbin give her a kiss.
Learning to smile amid the tears! #reasonsmykidiscrying  #toddlertantrums

4. I told Lynley that frogs say, “ribbit, ribbit.”

Learning to smile amid the tears! #reasonsmykidiscrying  #toddlertantrums

A combination of teething, being overtired and just being one, has put my little sweethearts in terrible moods. But amid all of the tears and tantrums, there have been moments that made me smile. Today, I choose to focus on them instead of constantly whining myself!

Learning to smile amid the tears! #reasonsmykidiscrying  #toddlertantrums

Learning to smile amid the tears! #reasonsmykidiscrying  #toddlertantrums

Here are five things that made me smile this week:

1. Lynley combined two American Sign Language gestures to say, “more, please.” She has consistently been signing more for a few months and just recently picked up please. I always say “more, please” at the dinner table, but one or the other sign is fine with with me. I was shocked when she did both in the correct order. Way to go little miss!

2. Corbin giggles when I sneeze, and has started saying “a-choo,” which sounds more like “a-boo, a-boo.” It always makes me smile when he laughs at me.

3. Seeing Lynley crawl on all fours exclaiming “woooooffff.”

4. Watching Corbin giving his sister kisses and hearing him say “sis, sis” every time he sees her.

5. Watching my children play outside and getting so excited when Jeep, our dog, catches the tennis ball and brings it back to Daddy to throw again.

Learning to smile amid the tears! #reasonsmykidiscrying  #toddlertantrums
Learning to smile amid the tears! #reasonsmykidiscrying  #toddlertantrums

I can list many more moments that made me smile, and it’s so easy to just focus on the things that wear us down sometimes. Parenting is exhausting. There is no question about that. It’s hard, and it sucks sometimes. But, the majority of the time, there is no greater joy in this world than to have a tiny face look up and purse his/her lips for a kiss. Those are the moments that melt my heart, and I am making it a goal to think about them instead of focusing on all the ways my toddlers drove me nuts this week!

What made you smile recently?
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    I JUST recently came across that website with the crying kids and was inspired to make a post with my own tantrum pics, too! Haven’t yet though, we’re a little short on tantrums these days (not at all complaining). Your reasons why they’re crying are hilarious. Good luck with the nap thing. Transitions and change are never fun. Misty @

    • says

      It really is the best thing I’ve seen online in a while! Can’t wait to see your post, although I am glad you are tantrum-free right at the moment! We had a pretty good day today, and I am hopeful this week will be happier. :)

  2. says

    This is unbelievable. I thought I was going through it with one screaming, tantrum throwing toddler and you have two! They really are so cute when they want to be though. Thanks for sharing your week with us at Countdown in Style! The twins are adorable! Don’t forget to stop by Friday to see if you are featured!

  3. says

    My youngest is the king of tantrums. Mine has taken to licking the floor to get back at me when he doesn’t get his way. He tried that one in Hobby Lobby the other day and that made me cringe and want to have my own tantrum. Then 2 seconds later he is back to being adorable, LOL. Thanks for sharing with us at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

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    Absolutely love this post! It’s amazing the things that toddlers will cry for. My son cries whenever he walks by the pantry and the door is closed. I have no idea why he cries, but every time he sees it closed he starts crying and walks over to open it. Then once it’s opened, it’s as though nothing ever happened. Honestly, it’s really funny and adorable.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We love having you! :)

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    I have three my daughter is 22, and two teen boys 17 and 15. Mother hood is sometimes hard during the early years, and twins!! I can’t even imagine, but as you see they grow so fast. Every moment is one to be cherished even the hard ones, thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist.