House of Sass- The Starving Artist Social Scene {Sponsored Post}

Sell and shop for handmade creations with House of Sass.
Cowgirl 1st birthday outfit. Seller: Mindy

If you’re like me, you’ve probably thought about selling your handmade creations. But for me it’s been only that- a fleeting thought. Until now! I’d like to introduce you all to House of Sass, the Starving Artist Social Scene.

House of Sass is a community of artists, many of which are stay-at-home-moms, who stitch, sew and craft everything by hand. This trendy, online art community was founded by an artist and mother of two, who knows first hand how frustrating and daunting it can be to work hard to deliver a quality craft, with minimal return. Unlike some of the other host sites for sellers, Sass does not take a percentage of your earnings or charge a per item fee. You simply pay a flat monthly fee to rent a room on their website.
House of Sass offers three different rent packages for artists who want to sell part-time or full-time. Once you make the commitment to become a resident within their online art community, you will automatically be assigned a unique room number. The room number is what you share with your reoccurring customers, giving them an quick route directly to you. However, all products are also listed in five main categories, so visitors browsing the site without your room number are still able to see your items, along with other sellers’ similar products.

Of course my favorite category is Sassy Baby! There are tons of cute handmade bows, crocheted outfits, jewelry and custom occasion outfits, like for baby’s 1st birthday. I love the fact that sellers can add multiple photos of each piece they’re selling, along with messages to potential buyers about ways to order a customized version. I also like that you can see other items in a particular seller’s room while viewing one of their items from the main category pages. And if you find a room that you love… save it to your favorites! 

This is truly a unique and fun way to sell and shop for handmade creations and support other stay-at-home moms and creatives. I hope you’ll check out House of Sass! Spit and Sparkles has a shop in Sassy Baby, but you’ll have to go check it out to find out what we’re selling!
This is a sponsored post. I received “free rent” on in exchange for an honest review of the website. I received no other gifts or compensation, and I only support and recommend products and companies that I believe in.

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