12 month update

Corbin and Lynley are ONE! We had their birthday party on Saturday, and it was tons of fun. Today, we took them to the doctor for their checkup, flu shots and vaccinations. Worst birthday present ever! :( I felt so bad for them.

Both babies are healthy and happy, and there are no concerns. Here are the stats: Lynley weighs 16lbs 12oz and Corbin weighs 19lbs 4oz. She is 27.5 inches tall and he is 29.She’s catching him! I was a bit off on my milestones chalkboard below!

It was strange that they measured both of them twice because they thought they may be growing too fast! What the heck? Last time, I was told they were lean and that I could give them more food. Well, I did, and I do. Guess it shows! Their doctor is completely happy with their growth and all of their skills. She was super impressed with their language, and said both of them being able to say 3 to 5 words is on the 15 month old level. Yay, babies! And remember, that their adjusted age is 10 months, so this is a huge accomplishment. Derrick and I are so proud of them.

In case you missed our birthday post, I put together a milestones chalkboard poster with all the latest things they do and like. The lists of favorites and accomplishments has grown tremendously since I had this printed, just a week ago, but here ya go. (Custom designs for your child available at my shop.)

A clever way to display your child's accomplishments! #birthdaydecor #partyideas

My favorite thing that Lynley does right now is saying, “Hi, Jeep” to our lab. She literally jumps for joy every time she sees him, and has been waving to him and saying hi. I got her to say “Hi Jeep” the other day, and now she doesn’t stop. It’s the cutest thing ever, and I’m so proud of her for recognizing him and learning his name. Now, to get this on video!

My favorite thing about Corbin is getting ekimo kisses (rubbing noses). I will ask him for a kiss, and he will shake his head back and forth like he’s giving the air eskimo kisses. Then I will rub my nose on his, and he will rub his back. Sometimes, he will start shaking his head from across the room, smiling at me and crawl over to me and bury his head in my neck. It melts my heart! I love when he initiates our special kisses. He is such a little lovebug and cuddler!

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