Play room redesign

It wasn’t long ago that we transformed one of our guest rooms into a play room for Lynley and Corbin, and we’re already rethinking our design.

Our original  focal point was a window bench with storage, and until the babies were learning to walk it wasn’t a problem. But we’ve had two busted lips, countless bumps on the head, and I just can’t take it anymore! The bench is out! So now, what do we sit on?

We also had a cute circle chair for adults to sit in. I loved having the babies crawl into my lap to read, but now all they want to do is climb on it and stand in it, and I just imagine them falling and taking the chair with them on top of them. When I’m in the room, it’s ok. But they have independent play time several times a day, so I can get things done or just take a breather… or brush my teeth!! I don’t feel comfortable leaving them alone in a room with potential hazards.

So, I’ve been looking into other seating options, and I’d like to share my find with you: Bean Bag BossThe company sells bean bags in trendy patterns, textures and colors, but they’re not your ordinary sacks. Their beanbags are moldable chairs. You can shape them in several different ways to fit any body type, young or older. 

I’m really excited about this, and I’m thinking about buying one as a Christmas gift for the babies. They will absolutely love to crawl over it, and it will be more comfortable than the floor for Derrick and me. What do you think?  Leave your comments below!

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  1. says

    I personally like the indigo denim beanbag because I am not too crazy about polyester materials and this one is made out of denim.
    Which one did you like the most?

    xoxo, Eszter

  2. says

    May I ask you a technical question as well? I am still fairly new at blogging and one thing I see is that I do not get a notification of your reply on my blog. I am assuming it is because my blog is on WordPress. So the only way I was able to find your replies was by going back to the posts I commented on. But there is no guarantee I will remember all the posts I commented on because sometimes I look at posts written earlier on. How do you think I could track replies coming from you? Did you get a notification of my comment or did you just notice them on your blog?
    I will come back for your answer… HAHA

    xoxo, Eszter