Thursday Things #7

Oh hey! It’s been a little while since I posted Thursday Things. I tried the whole link up deal, but there just wasn’t enough interest. So for now, it’ll just be my thing.

This is a post about what’s going on outside of baby. I share hobbies Derrick and I are currently in to, and other ramblings.

1. I never thought I would say this because I love my naps, but NOT going back to sleep during the babies’ first nap at 8:30am is making me feel so much better. I have noticed that I have more energy. That’s so strange to me, but it’s been three days, and I’m getting lots of things done: Blogging, which I’ve been neglecting a little bit, housework, episodes of Drop Dead Diva and just free time. I’ll see how long this no-nap routine will last.

2. I really need to stop eating Sour Patch Watermelon candy! One day, my sweet husband brought them home for me as a little surprise. I have since requested another package, but every time Derrick goes to the store, it’s out of stock! Until this past weekend… he bought all they had left on the shelf. Thank you babe, but darn you! Do not go out and buy some to try for yourself! You will be addicted.

3. I’m so far behind on preparing for the upcoming cancer walk, my family and I participate in every year. The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Austin Chapter is hosting its Annual Walk/Run to Break the Silence on August 25th, and we are no where near our fundraising goal. Team Feeling Teal still doesn’t have t-shirt plans or signs made. We need to get on the ball with this ASAP!

4. Ever heard of Derrick is an expert! It’s a daily deal shopping site for anything imaginable. My husband now has a shopping problem. He previously made fun of me for getting sucked into Zulily. I’m pretty sure he has purchased more deals than I have! For example, a tv for the babies playroom, a temperature control pillow, a watch with a compass, new Puma running shoes, among other things. He’s always telling me about something else for xx percent off that we must take advantage of. I think it’s hilarious!

5. We are looking forward to spending some time with my family and our friends with twins this weekend! Saturday we are meeting my family in Houston for the day to visit the aquarium. Sunday we are meeting up with a couple who has 18mo twins for lunch and a play date before heading back to Austin. It will be a short, but loaded trip, and I am sure I’ll be completely exhausted next week. So, if it takes me a few days to post about our adventure, you’ll understand, won’t you?

Derrick & his best friend from childhood with all the babies back in January. They’ve grown so much!

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