Feeding baby twins is messy- Learning to let go

Feeding babies is an extremely messy process. Add in a twin, and this type-A, OCD mom just can’t handle it! But I’m learning to let go.

Corbin and Lynley turned 10 months old today, so it’s time for me to let them begin exploring food more. I’m great with the baby food. I just wipe the excess off their mouth with the spoon as we go and dab them with a napkin when they’re done. It’s something I cannot stop myself from doing. I try so hard to just let them “wear it,” but the mess bothers me and kind of gives me anxiety. (cue the laughter!) I know I’m in for it, if I can’t get past this. I’ve held off on finger foods because 1. I’ve been lazy and 2. I don’t want to clean it all up 3x a day. In my defense, the twins adjusted age is only 8 months, so I’m right on schedule with the real food.

Recently, I’ve been feeding Corbin and Lynley little crunchies, puffs, yogurt melts and baby mum mums. They’ve also eaten toast, diced carrots and spinach ravioli. And you know what? It wasn’t the big mess I expected it to be. Sure, their hands get grimy and the front of their bib is disgusting, but overall it’s not that bad. I dread the day they start putting the food in their hair! But for now, I’m ok.

On the menu this week: diced mango, toast, eggs and maybe pancakes this weekend! I am slowly introducing more and more. I honestly, don’t think they were ready for this until now, but they’re definitely in a growth spurt and “asking” for more food. Maybe I’m the one who was not ready.

This first year has been a blink of an eye. I’m already planning their birthday party. :( Slow down little ones!

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    Looks like they are having fun with their food! Addie inhales any food she can find – I am constantly having to patrol the floor to make sure Lincoln hasn’t dropped things she shouldn’t eat! I keep forgetting to buy baby mum-mums! Lincoln loved those. :)

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    What fun and joy! Eating and yum yums has been fun for us too! It’s just the best when the food goes from hands to hair, ahh it drives me crazy inside! Especially after they were just bathed! Oh we’ll! They’re the best! Your twins are so cute! I hear you with birthday planning, have fun and enjoy! 😉
    xoxo Carly