10 month update

It’s official, we’re in full party planning mode! Lynley and Corbin will be one year old in just two short months. As if time didn’t fly by too fast already, we have an extremely busy September coming up, so this birthday will sneak up on us before we know it. I’m sure I’ll procrastinate, but at least I’m getting all of my ideas outlined.

10 month old twins

On to the update. We finally visited the babies’ doctor for their 9 month checkup, only one month late. I had decided to skip it, but I had to bring Lynley in about two weeks ago for an angry diaper rash that wouldn’t clear up. During that visit, their doctor actually asked me when their checkup was scheduled. When I told her we couldn’t get in until September, she looked on her calendar and had the front desk make room for us. We have a wonderful pediatrician! And everything went very well at their checkup! She was really impressed with their development, but we already knew they were rockstars! I guess since they were preemies, everything they do “normally” is a major milestone. Honestly, I don’t even look at them as being premature anymore. They just don’t act like it. But looks…. that’s a different story.

I wouldn’t say that I got in trouble, but I did get questioned about food! Oopsie! I guess maybe I should have started increasing the solids a little sooner than this week. She said they both were pretty lean and could use some extra calories. I felt a little bit guilty, like I had neglected them or something, but I knew she was not implying that. And, I’ve already started giving them more food, so really it’s nothing to fret over.

10 month old twins

Here are the stats: Corbin weighs 17lbs, is 27.5 inches tall and wears 6mo, 6-9mo and 9mo clothes. Lynley  weighs 14.6lbs, is 25.5 inches tall and wears some 3-6mo, mostly 6mo and very few 6-9mo clothes. Size is the one area I do go by adjusted age. For Corbin’s adjusted age of 8months, he’s perfect. In the 10th percentile for weight and 25th to 50th for height. Pretty baby is small no matter where you put her in the chart. :( 6th percentile adjusted and 1st percentile actual age. At least she’s not .03 anymore! But again, I don’t really dwell on these stats because there is such a range of what is “normal”. I know that both babies are completely healthy, just small.

Milestones: I can’t even list all of the new things the babies are doing. But here are my favorites.

Corbin: gives special kisses (video here), stands unassisted for a half second and pulls up on everything, including my hair!  He loves to give hugs and snuggle, loves to play with toy balls and pull all the books and cds off of the shelf. He will drink milk through a sippy cup, but gets tired halfway through. Absolute favorite moment… he just started saying no, no and shaking his head. He will shake his head back at me when I tell him no, no for grabbing things he shouldn’t be grabbing! It’s adorable, and I can tell that he really understands the concept of no, no. His sister does not! Or she chooses to ignore me… He still loves cruising around the living room in his roundabout, but has started getting into things, like the mail! He nibbled on a few sheets of paper while I was in the other room for maybe five minutes. When I returned, there was a mess of spit out chunks of goo all over the floor leaving a little trail back to the toys.

10 month old twins

Lynley: crawls around holding her lovey, or a sock, or a cloth! Loves to climb into the round, lounge chair in the play room, loves being kissed on the back, neck and ears and getting “raspberries” on the tummy. She can blow raspberries back and click her tongue, and just started saying hi and what we think sounds like Daddy. She has started cruising around on the furniture, and trying to stand unassisted to walk. She takes a few steps holding onto the baby walker, but every time I try to record it, she plops down on her bottom and scurries off to something different. I can’t keep up! This morning, I put her on the floor in their nursery while I changed Corbin’s diaper, and I had to go searching for her. She sneaked out down the hall, and wouldn’t respond to her name being called. She was hiding from me in their bathroom, not making a peep but looking at the door! Of course, I got a big smile and giggle when I said, “I found you!”

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  1. says

    So cute! I love it! It must be difficult taking care of two who are so little at once. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job though. I just wanted to let you know that your video link doesn’t seem to be working. :)

  2. says

    I love Corbin’s special kisses! so cute! I wouldn’t fret too much about their weight…they already weigh more than piper did at her 1 year checkup! We just have lean babies:)

  3. says

    I am so glad I found your blog! Your babies are slightly older than my son so I am watching everything with jaw-dropping. When did the kisses start? (Super adorable video by the way – we encourage balls a lot to be part of the toy family…)
    I think it is admirable that you do not dwell on statistics. We do not owe a scale. In my opinion you kind of know when your baby is healthy. But people ask me every second day at least(!) how much Zoárd weighs. Maybe it is because my husband and I are petite and Zoárd is the opposite…
    Anyways, I am off to read more of your posts!

    xxx, Eszter


    • says

      Hi Eszter! Thanks for the sweet comments and for following. I get asked all of the time how much they weigh! It’s kind of annoying, but I’ve learned it’s just one of those conversation starters. You wouldn’t believe some of the other more annoying questions I get asked…