Wordless Wednesday: Sneaky Mom {Video}

Oh, the things they do when they don’t think you’re watching. I hid behind our sofa and took a video of Corbin and Lynley playing. Mainly, to capture Corbin zooming around in his Roundabout, but I caught Lynley in a pretty funny position. Enjoy! (excuse my laundry, please!)

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  1. says

    Lol super cute video, and I love the title “sneak mom” video! I love being a sneaky mom and spying on my cuties too!

    Your video totally reminded me that I wanted one of those contraptions when my toddler was a baby! Obviously your babies like it? Should I get it for my 5 month old? Do tell!

    Found your blog thru the blog hop and am now following you via GFC & Twitter! :)

  2. says

    Thanks for following Jessica! Yes, you should definitely get one! We bought ours used from a neighbor, but I think they only cost around $75 new. The one we have is called the Bright Starts Roundabout. Corbin lives in it! Lynley likes her Baby Einstein Exersaucer better, but she is shorter than him and can’t quite reach the toys yet. Let me rephrase, she can’t reach far enough to get them in her mouth! Ha!

    • says

      Awesome, maybe I can find one used on Craigslist since they outgrow stuff like this so fast. Isaac likes his bouncer but I read so many bad things about them being bad for their spines and jumping on their tip toes blah blah blah that I feel too guilty leaving him in it. Gotta find something quick to replace it cause him wanting to be in my arms 24/7 is NOT gonna work lol.