The adventures of Corbin and Lynley

This whole play group thing is going much better since our disaster last week. We have had two successful adventures, and I am glad we tried again.

Going to Chuck E Cheese with babies

Sunday, we celebrated my youngest niece’s second birthday, and Corbin and Lynley did really well at the party. I don’t know why I’m surprised. They always seem to do well out and about, but this was no normal outing. This was Chuck E Cheese!!

Going to Chuck E Cheese with babiesI was a bit apprehensive about them going since they are barely 9 months old, but it was great! Derrick and I carried them using our Baby Bjorn carriers, and Derrick’s family took turns holding them and keeping them occupied. And I, yes germaphobic me, even let Lynley and Corbin ride the little carousel. I did wipe the handles and anywhere I thought they would lick with a baby wipe first, but I am very proud of myself for not freaking out about them breathing the same air as the dozens of kids there. And the babies LOVED the ride. We let them ride twice and got a couple of cute pictures. We also took a few with their three cousins.

Going to Chuck E Cheese with babies

Monday, we had another get together in our own neighborhood this time. We met with two little boys and two other sets of twins, identical 2-year old boys and a 3-month boy/girl set. The older kids played on the playground and all of the babies sat on a blanket in the shade. I had brought lots of toys for Corbin and Lynley to play with, but of course they were more interested in the grass! Haha. I let them grab at it, but tried to keep it out of their mouths. After about 30 minutes, they got bored, so we went for a little walk in the stroller. Overall a great experience! We are all getting together again next week for a water play date, on a splash pad on the ground though! Sounds better to me than the pool, so I’m crossing my fingers. At least it is at one of the mom’s houses, so we can choose to go inside if we need to.

How many tries did it take for you to get comfortable with having play dates with other moms and kids?

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    Glad to hear it’s going better! You are braver than me….I still haven’t taken Piper to Chuck E Cheese…just the thought of it grosses me out.

    • says

      Can’t wait until we can go with you guys and Levi! Maybe a different place for their age group, but having them all together again no matter where is something I am looking forward to. Just a few more months!

  2. says

    I’m glad it went better this time! I haven’t really done anything like that with my little boy yet, but I used to babysit three other kids when he was a baby, so I guess that’s kind of the same thing…I wonder how he would do with other kids now that he is older. Your babies are very cute, by the way :)