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    This is precious! I have three sons, and we have one older dog. We had another sweet dog named Kaya who passed in September. My dogs were able to let my oldest son “ride” them when he was about a year old. I was always amazed at how gentle the dogs were. Dogs really are amazing. My two started protecting our first son the moment we brought him home, and even our sweet dog is 17 years old and losing his dignity a little each day since he has to wear diapers, he still protects these boys like they are his own and is so gentle with them. There truly is nothing as sweet as watching our sweet pets (who in most case are our first babies) interact with our human babies :)

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      Thank you! I agree. It’s awesome watching our furbabies with our human babies. It was one of the reasons we adopted Jeep almost 4 years ago: the dream of watching him with our children one day. What bliss!

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    Two cute and my girls want a dog also. We are thinking of getting a yellow lab in the future, because my in-laws have a black lab and he is truly so good with the kids!! Visiting from Raising Imperfections and following you now on BlogLovin, too!! :)