Laundry, Oh Laundry- a poem

A blogger friend recently wrote a post to her kitchen sink about how much she hated that it was always spilling over, and she couldn’t stay on top of it. That used to  be me, but my amazing husband has started helping out tremendously on this front. So it got me thinking…. what is my nemesis? Laundry!

Laundry, oh laundry
How I dislike you so
No matter how many washed loads, you just seem to grow
Piles upon piles scatter our home
Some as big as the Astrodome
Laundry, oh laundry
Why won’t you stay clean?
Bibs, burp clothes, undies and everything in between
To keep up for just one day, that is the dream
But with baby twins, that’ll never happen it seems
Laundry, oh laundry
Please, won’t you grant this wish I make
Go away for a day, this mommy needs a break

I’m pretty good about actually washing and drying laundry. It’s putting it in drawers and hanging things up that always drags me down. Just look at the current laundry disaster, all clean and waiting to go “home.”

So how do you stay on top of laundry? We’ve tried washing everything and putting it away several times, but it just never seems to stay that way. I’ve also tried washing a load a day, but then tell myself I’ll put them away tomorrow. Never happens!

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  1. says

    I have the putting away problem too. I have started to fold and then put them away immediately. It actually works and I don’t feel overwhelmed. I think its the mountain that makes you put it off. I have also brought my hangers to the laundry room so I can hang up the clothes as they come out of the dryer so then all I have to do is put them in the closet. Maybe while I’m there I can help put away some clothes for you. ♥♥:-)

    • says

      The real problem is that I should fold in the laundry room. Instead, I take the pile from the dryer and plop it on the couch or bed. Then it gets moved around a few times before it’s folded. Then the folded pile gets moved around before it’s put away! Endless cycle….

  2. says

    I am laughing at this post in commiseration with you! My laundry is JUST as bad as my sink! Housekeeping is so much work! :p My laundry room is in the basement and I can’t leave the kids upstairs longer than to just grab things out of the dryer, so I have piles on my couch constantly. And Lincoln drags them all down onto the floor so he can jump on them and shout “boom!” :)