A sale, a party, a sunburn

Our Saturday began at 5:00a.m. Thank you Corbin and Lynley for waking up an hour early! It was actually a good thing, because I was participating in our neighborhood’s semi-annual community garage sale. This was my first time selling, and surprisingly it went really well. We made off with almost $300 in profit and sold the majority of our items. I did make one mistake, getting so wrapped up in selling that I forgot to put on my sunscreen! I was outside for about 4 hours in full sun. Ouch, but thankfully it’s a pretty minor burn.

twins, exersaucer

I didn’t only take our neighbors’ money. I returned the love and purchased a new toy for the babies, a Bright Starts Roundabout. They love it! We were handed down a Baby Einstein exersaucer from the babies’ cousins a few months ago, but they were too young for it then. I stored it away, and when I brought it out last week, I was missing an essential part. So I practically begged our neighbors to sell a baby exersaucer or jumper, and that’s when I came across the roundabout. And you’ll never believe what I found when I was digging through the garage looking for stuff to sale…. the missing exersaucer part! SCORE! :)

twins, exersaucerThe babes enjoyed their new activity while mommy and daddy haggled with neighbors! I cannot say enough how blessed and lucky we feel to have such wonderfully happy babies! They barely made a peep the entire day. We also attended my nephew’s birthday party after the sale, and by that time the Austin heat had rolled in. It was 90 degrees, and still no peep from the babies. We couldn’t stay long because they were getting hot, but there were no meltdowns or screams. Is this a dream?



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      So far, they love it! Except there’s this pesky little frog toy that Lynley so desperately wants to put in her mouth but can’t reach. Watching her try to get it is hilarious, until she’s gets pissed and cries! Haha

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    We definitely have a lot in common – I am so obsessed with garage sale shopping, it’s not even funny. I plan entire weekends around my favorite neighborhood sales! I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to do one in a couple of weeks with a baby who screams in the car seat, but won’t take a bottle and nurses every two hours… :

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      Oh my! Screaming babies in car seats is no fun. Maybe you could have someone watch her a Saturday morning and do some bargain shopping by yourself. Wouldn’t it be a delight to do anything alone!?! 😉