Solids: Take Two

You might remember that a few weeks ago, we tried to introduce solids to the babies. It didn’t go very well. Everything I read said to wait a week or two and try again.

That’s just what we’ve done, and Miss Thang has been eating rice cereal every morning and having a vegetable with two meals every day for a week now! Success! She absolutely loves sweet potatoes, or suh-weeeeeet potatoes, as I say to get her to smile and gobble it up. The past 2 days, I’ve tried butternut squash, and she is not sure about that one. She’s been having troubles with her gums, so I don’t know if she just wasn’t up for eating or doesn’t like it. We will keep working on it.

Now, Corbin is a different story. He still hasn’t lost his tongue thrust reflex, which we’ve deemed his lizard tongue. I still go through the motions with him because I know he will eventually get it. There have been some days that he has eaten a few bites of cereal or the sweet potatoes.So I think we’re moving in the right direction. He’d much rather hold the spoon, than eat anything from it.

But what they both really like…. bananas! I just want them to be interested in veggies first before I let them have to many sweet things. Here is a video of them eating bananas a couple days after we first tried the cereal.



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    They are too precious!!! I love this video of them!! Haha I was thinking throughout the whole thing though “Monkeys eat bananas!” I’m so happy for you that they are starting to eat solids….they’re going to be so big the next time we see them!