A picnic and a reunion

Wow! It sure was a busy weekend. We had a few appointments and a few activities. More on the appointments next week after their 6 month checkup. But for now, check out these two pictures of the babies with their favorite nurse, Richard, the day they left the hospital and Saturday, 4 1/2 months later! Amazing how much they’ve grown right?

Departure day, 6 weeks old (Corbin, left. Lynley, right)
Saturday, 6 months old

 We attended the annual NICU reunion put together by the hospital. There were crafts, a clown, a train ride and a bouncy house, but of course the babies are too young for all of that. We got there a bit late, so we only saw a couple of people we knew. We chatted for a bit and enjoyed some rainbow popsicles before heading over to the hospital to say hello to Richard. He was so happy to see how much they’ve grown and hear how well they’re doing. It was very odd to be back upstairs in the unit right across from the bay they were in. You can see the 3 hanging in the background, and that is where they were, right behind the striped curtain. I didn’t feel any of the emotions I expected to. It was more of a “hey, look at my beautiful children” mindset than thinking about how far we’ve truly come. Honestly, a lot of the trials in the beginning have become distant memories. I barely recall them even when looking at pictures of the babies in the hospital. Funny how that happens., but thank God for it because it was the hardest time of our lives.

We are so thankful to live in a place that has amazing hospitals and caregivers. Our babies are where they are because of it!

Denise, the head nurse, and one of our favorites!