A little bit of Texas history

Today was a fun, but exhausting day! We made our first trip to visit the State Capitol and say hi to some of my former co-workers.

On the way there, I told Corbin and Lynley a little bit about our great state. The basics: our state flower is the bluebonnet, and we are taking pictures in a field of them this weekend. We live in Austin, where the Capitol is located and the governor works there to make laws. Mommy worked there before you were born. And the best fact: People in Texas are proud and they wear cowboy boots! You can’t visit the Capitol for the first time not wearing boots. And everyone loved their little boots. :)

The visit went very well! I was surprised. Corbin had a minor meltdown when he was being held by the third person, but once I got him calmed down and stayed within sight, he was fine. Lynley did amazing. I told everyone they were playing possum! They like to be quiet for new people, but as soon as visits are over, they scream!

Well, they didn’t scream. (until we got home and they got woken up) But before we left the Capitol, Corbin had what we call a “Jesus diaper.” You know, the kind that when you open it, it’s so bad, you say “Jesus!” Yeah, it’s a good thing that I always pack an outfit change. Ewwww!

I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought! :( I got home and realized I was missing some of Lynley with a couple of people. Bummer. Well, that just means we have to go back! And maybe even get one with Gov. Perry next time. He would really appreciate those boots!

Allison and Lynley. She was being shy, but I think Allison got some smiles from her.
Lucy and Corbin. He had a death grip on her shirt!
Jeremy and Corbin, who he absolutely loved! I think Jeremy got the most smiles out of him. Want to come babysit? Ha