26 week update

I had two appointments this past week. One with our perinatalogist and one with my OB. Everything is absolutely perfect! The babies each weigh almost 2 pounds each and are measuring right on track for 26 weeks. We didn’t get many pictures this time, but we did score one good one of Corbin’s profile. He’s normally camera shy. Lynley’s butt is still on his head, and she is breech. He is laying head down, but kind of diagonally. As long as he stays head down, we are a go for a natural birth, so please pray that he stays that way and that Lynley will move into a better position. Our goal is to avoid a c-section, and even worse to avoid delivering one and needing a c-section for the other. No double-whammy please!
Corbin’s profile.
How far along? 26 weeks and 2 days

Weight gain/loss: 27 lbs. and counting

Feeling: Can’t complain. Still just the normal pregnancy problems, like trouble sleeping, a little swelling and some back pain. I did start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions recently, but that is all they are. No concerns of real contractions yet and no restrictions on normal activity. I feel so blessed to be having such a smooth twin pregnancy, and I have a good feeling that everything will continue to go well.

Sleep: Some nights I sleep well, others I barely sleep at all. I have been napping more on weekends, but I really need more sleep during the week!

Food cravings: Update on the ice craving: I have mild anemia, so I’ve been put on an iron supplement. It’s completely normal during pregnancy, and no one seems concerned, so I’m not either. Other cravings… fruit tart. We had a delicious one at my shower this weekend!
Movement? Lots of movement during the evening. I can distinguish which one is moving now too. We recorded some kicks that you can see from the outside, but when I upload the video it’s grainy and you can’t tell. Next time, I’m using my flip cam instead of my iPhone, so stay tuned.

We had our family and friend baby shower over the weekend, and I’ll be posting all about it soon. I forgot to grab the pictures from my mom’s camera before they left, so once I get them, I’ll share.