Made it through the first trimester

Making it through the first trimester is a huge accomplishment. It means our babies have a less than 5 percent chance of miscarrying. They are growing strong and are about the size of lemons this week at 14 weeks.

I’m starting to get my energy back, but still struggling with night sickness. I’ve determined that it’s reflux, oh joy! I’ve been eating Tums like crazy, but it’s not working out very well. I know that this will only get worse as the babies get bigger, so it’s my only complaint so far. Google says b/g twins cause really bad reflux. Hmmmm…. too early to tell. I’m not much of a believer of the old wives tales, all pregnant women suffer reflux whether carrying one or two.

We do have that highly anticipated appt. scheduled where we will find out the sexes, but it’s a secret! I will share that our next checkup is on July 6th, and it will be the last with my current dr. Love the practice, but don’t love the hospitals they deliver at. As I mentioned before, neither hospital can care for babies born before 36 wks even though one advertises a NICU level II. We went to an orientation at the one that is supposed to have a NICU, under the impression it could take babies 32 wks and up. Nope, that is their goal, but not yet. WTF???? So that was a waste of time, and we’ve resigned to the fact we’ll have to look for a new dr. that delivers downtown just in case labor happens earlier than expected. It won’t be as conveniently close to home, but we know it’s the right decision to ensure we all get the best care possible and can stay together at one hospital.

Here’s the 14 wk picture. I think I’ve popped out a little more since we took this. (Almost 15 wks now.) It amazes me how quickly they are growing. My nesting instinct is beginning to kick in as this becomes much more real to us.

Jeep photo bombed me, so we decided to let him in the pic. Those are his crazy ‘Why are you making me sit here’ eyes.