Garden party!

Mom, me and Katrena

 A huge thanks to my family for driving all the way to Austin to help make over our flower beds! They look so much better than they did, and I love the color that we have now. Here are some before, during and after pictures.


Derrick and Dad


Orange Burbine
Gerbera Daisy


Mexican Heather



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    HOOAH !!! Love the picture of the three shovel angels …. hahaha Wow …. we did good .. Your yard looks great! Hope they all survive the harsh Texas summers. If not, we can do it again in the fall and they will be ok next year.

    It was fun watching the guys work .. thanks to them for theit help. We couldn’t have done it without them.

    Had a GREAT time hanging with my two favorite girls! I love our togetherness.

    Side note * I LOVED TALKING GENEALOGY WITH YA’LL TOO !!! 😀 heehee

    Love you Steffany and Derrick!
    Mommy :)

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    LOL Katrena! I hope our sun burns weren’t for nothing either! The flowers are still looking great! The Lantanas have been getting a little droopy in the evenings, but I’m giving them extra water.

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    Hey lovely! You are a fantastic landscaper, terrific job with it all! I hope to take up on this type of thing when Adrian and I get our own house!

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    Thank you! I definitely can’t take all the credit. I would have been lost without everyone’s help. At least you know who to call now if you want to rope someone into helping! 😉