Workout Wednesdays

A lot of the blogs I follow have days devoted to tips or recipes or other things. So I decided to start Workout Wednesdays.  I’ve been exercising regularly again for the past few weeks, and I feel so great. I’d like to share some of my workouts and tips with everyone, and if you don’t get anything from it, these posts will at least keep me accountable. So here goes:

Exercise/Fitness Tip of the Week:
Be consistent! Working out is never easy at first, but you won’t see results if you aren’t consistent. Working out today and taking a break for 3 days does nothing to help you. (unless you are recovering from an injury) You should shoot for every day with one rest day or if that is too intense, try every other day until you get the hang of it.

What I’m doing this week:

Pilates! Every Monday and Wednesday for the next 5 weeks I’ll be breaking a sweat during our neighborhood pilates class. On Wednesdays, it’s pilates with the big ball. This is my first class in this format, so I’m sure I’ll be super sore. I’ll update you on how I like it next week.

This past Monday in class, we did cardiolates, which is cardio and strength training with rubber bands and then mat pilates to cool down. I absolutely love this format. I like to be up and moving, so this combination is perfect for me.

Since my Mondays and Wednesdays are the same every week, I’ll try to post about other activities I do weekly. I recently discovered Exercise TV, and there are a few workouts that I really love on there. Next week, I’ll share the sexy 10 minute leg workout.

So what are you doing to get off the couch this week?